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Cat Poem Anthology: Purr and Yowl

World Enough Writers (the anthology imprint of Concrete Wolf) seeks poems for its Purr and Yowl cat poem anthology, edited by David D. Horowitz of Rose Alley Press.

Deadline for Submissions: February 28, 2023   [NOW OPEN]

"This anthology will focus on domestic cats, but poems about lions, tigers, and other felines are welcome. Poems can be vividly descriptive, poignantly reminiscent, satirical, celebrative--but they need to focus on felines. I will consider previously published poems, but I favor poems that have not before been published. If you submit previously published poems please be sure you possess the rights to the poem and that you acknowledge the previous publisher. I might consider simultaneous submissions, but I strongly prefer poems not under consideration elsewhere. I also am happy to consider rhyming metrical poems, so feel no hesitancy about submitting formal poems."
  —David D. Horowitz

All entries must be submitted online via Submittable.