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Marilyn Nelson

Marilyn Nelson is the author or translator of over 25 books of poems for adults, young adults, and children, among them Carver: A Life in Poems and A Wreath for Emmett Till. In 2012 she was awarded the Frost Medal for distinguished lifetime achievement in poetry. She is a Chancellor of The Academy of American Poets and Poet-in-Residence of the Poets Corner at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. “For years, every time I looked at the photograph of my mother with her 1954-55 class, I wondered what those children experienced. I’m so glad my friends agreed to explore that question. I loved trying to catch Mama’s voice in the poems I wrote for this collection."

Mrs. Nelson's Class

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Poem from Mrs. Nelson's Class

The Children's Moon
by Marilyn Nelson
In my navy shirtwaist dress and three-inch heels, 
my pearl clip-ons and newly red-rinsed curls,
I smoothed on lipstick, lipstick-marked my girls,
saluted and held thumbs-up to my darling Mel,
and drove myself to school for the first day.

Over the schoolyard a silver lozenge
dissolved into the morning’s blue cauldron.
Enter twenty seven-year-old white children.
Look, children, I said as they found their desks:
The children’s moon! A special good luck sign!

We pledged allegiance, and silently prayed.
George Washington watched sternly from his frame.
I turned to the blackboard and wrote my name.
I thought I heard, She’s the REAL teacher’s maid! 
I thought I heard echoes of history.

But when I turned, every child in the room
had one hand up, asking,  What is the children’s moon?