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Lorraine Healy

Abraham's Voices

“These brief yet powerful poems take Genesis’ mothers and fathers off their saintly pedestal and lead readers into their real-life struggles with God, neighbor and each other. Find a quiet spot, and gaze into the hearts of characters you might have thought you “knew” but perhaps did not.”
    — Wes Howard-Brook, author of “Come Out, My People’: God’s Call Out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond

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Poem from Abraham's Voices


what I wanted was homeland
not old man

she had first-born ways
but also sweetness

and filled the road to the well
with tales of Ur and her laughter

what I wanted was water-drenched—
if not freedom, a more merciful sun

the illusion of sister, peaceful tents—
to be made of cool air

but their god gave me her furious
regret after his tenderness, his scant seed—

here is my treasure of son, here
a solitude wide as a god’s promise