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World Enough Writers Author: Korkut Onaran

Korkut Onaran

Korkut Onaran received the First Prize in Cervena Barva Press 2007 Chapbook Contest for The Book of Colors, and Second Prize in 2006 Baltimore Review Poetry Competition for his poem “House.” His poetry has been published in journals such as Penumbra, Rhino, Peralta, Colere, Writer’s Journal, White Pelican Review, Crucible, City Works Literary Journal, Water~Stone, Review, Atlanta Review, The Cape Rock, Common Ground Review , and Baltimore Review.

Korkut owns an urban planning and architecture firm with his business partner Ronnie Pelusio in Boulder, Colorado. He teaches as an assistant professor adjunct in the University of Colorado at Denver. His book Crafting Form-Based Codes: Design, Policy, and Regulation will be published by Routledge in summer, 2018.

Korkut, originally from Turkey, moved to Madison, Wisconsin, in 1991. After he completed his doctorate studies in 1996, he moved to Colorado. He lives with his wife Jennifer B. Frank in Longmont, Colorado.


From The Trident Poems

The Small Green Tea Cup

I am not the only one
with memories;
this small porcelain green tea cup as well
the fingertips, lips,
the scent of various teas,
conversations too!

But beyond these, this tea cup
holds memories of the far east, long ago,
even though it has never been
beyond Boulder,
let alone overseas,

it remembers the tea masters
of Medieval China,
their ceremonies,
their haiku;
their metaphors that fit
this cup’s small body

It tells me that I may, if I want,
borrow some of its memories.
I smile,
and take another sip.

September 12, 2014
The Trident