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Jim Teeters

Jim Teeters has written nine poetry collections. He encourages kids to write poetry through his booth “My Goldfish Stole the Moon: Poetry Fun!” at special event and fairs. He volunteers in public schools, working with kids, but also encourages elders to write as coordinator of Ye Olde Poetry Corner at the City of Kent Senior Center in Kent, Washington. Jim also conducts poetry writing sessions at a local homeless women’s shelter. He is often referred to as “the poet guy.”


From Beware of Dog

Hall Pass

Calvin didn’t mean to trip me
on the playground yesterday.
But I got a pass to see the nurse
even though I felt okay.

She looked me up and down,
decided I wouldn’t die,
put a bandage on my elbow,
and one above my eye.

I went back to class
and everybody smiled.
I never felt so important.
What a lucky child!

The teacher even hugged me.
She was glad I was okay.
She let me skip the test.
But I had to take it another day!